Only 10% of people can visualize property potential. This means 90% need a property to be prepped and staged in order to envision themselves living in it. Home Staging allows for a home to appear bigger, brighter, cleaner, warmer and most importantly, often prompts homebuyers to want to purchase it. According to a 2018 Home Staging Resource Survey of over 4,200 homes, “85% of the Staged Homes sold for 6-25% more than the unstaged homes.”

Things I work on and take note of, include but are not limited to; the interior and exterior colors of the home, overall maintenance needs, depersonalization and decluttering opportunities, furniture arrangement, art placement, accessories, organizational needs and emotional cues. It is all about setting yourself apart. My goal is to distinguish your listing from the competition.

I am certified! I not only have experience, I also have home staging education. I have taken courses where specific rules, analyzed studies and books by experts were covered. I received a certification from the Decorating and Staging Academy.