effective & budget friendly

Something that I have found to be very beneficial for both the list agent and the seller is the concept of Interior Redesign. Interior redesign, also known as interior arrangement or one-day decorating, is a close relative of interior design. However, instead of creating an entirely new decorating scheme with new furnishings and accessories, an interior redesigner works with what the homeowner already owns–including items taken from other rooms in the home–and rearranges them to create an entirely new look. The result is a decorator look without the price tag.

In order to help online photos stand out and ensure good showings, homes should be depersonalized, decluttered and in “show ready” quality when they are put on the market. But often times clients are not open to the idea of staging their home, or they want to continue living in it while it is on the market. The way we work around these hurdles in a cost effective way is by “redesigning” the home.

If this option sounds like it may be a good fit for you, feel free to give me a call and we can get a consultation scheduled today.